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Advocates for Children in New Jersey (ACNJ)


This organization exists to protect vulnerable children in the state of NJ who are abandoned, abused, or orphaned.


Amazing Space


Learn about space and stars. 

Animal Diversity Web


Pictures and information about animals from the University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology. 


At Home Learning - Spanish


Resources from PBS in Spanish for families.  


Audible Stories


From Audible.com, audiobooks for children of all ages, including selections in languages other than English. 


Ben's Guide to the Government


Learn about government and elections. Play related games.




Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading.


¡Colorín Colorado!


Bilingual website for parents to help children become readers. Un sitio bilingüe con información para padres sobre como ayudar a los niños a leer.


DK Find Out!


Learn more about nonfiction subjects like science, animals, and history. You can search for a topic or browse the subjects and click for more information.


Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions [during coronavirus crisis]


A long list of resources for every interest: reading, math, history, science, etc. 


Emergency Child Care Assistance for Children of Essential Workers


As many childcare centers are closed, parents who must report to work can apply for this service from the State of New Jersey.  Please fill out the form on this page.




These resources for movement and mindfulness will be useful to all and especially to children with attention and learning difficulties. 


Great Websites for Kids


A collection of websites put together by the American Library Association organized in a variety of topics. Use the orange menu bar at the top to navigate.


Guiainfantil.com Cuentos


This site has songs and stories on the site but also information for parents in Spanish. This specific link would be helpful to find short stories for children.


Homeschool Resources


"A small [but impressive] collection of anti-oppressive/anti-racist...resources for families impacted by the coronavirus.


How to Prevent Kids from Cheating


"Kids taking classes from home have more opportunities to cheat when they’re not under your supervision. Here’s what to do about it. Educators around the country are confronting a new twist on an old problem: how to prevent kids from cheating when they’re taking their tests from home."


International Children’s Digital Library


Read picture books online in many languages.


Khan Academy


If you are younger than 13, you will need a parent to sign you in to this site, which has video tutorials and practice for various academic subjects, especially math.




The official kids' portal for the U.S. government links to information and services from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to the learning level and interest of kids.




Google’s filtered search engine emphasizes kid-related content in its results. This can help you save time looking through stuff that is at a much harder reading level.


Let's Keep Reading:  Keep Thinking with Interactive Read Aloud


Watch live as children's authors present interactive storytimes. 


National Geographic Kids


Learn about the world, its wildlife and its people.


Planetary Society- Sharing an Eclipse with Kids


Here's a simple and safe way to observe a partial eclipse that's appropriate for young children with no eclipse glasses or other special equipment needed.


The Presidents of the United States of America


 Links to each president of the United States. 


PBS Kids Lab in Spanish


Actividades usando habilidades de matemáticas y lectura. Activities using math and reading skills.


Resources for Parents and Teachers


From the South Carolina Center for Community Literacy, a wealth of free learning sites, games, mental health guidance, virtual field trips, and storytimes for K-12 students and their families and teachers.


Science Buddies


This is a good place for older kids to browse science fair project ideas.


Scholastic's Learn at Home Website 


Articles, stories, videos, and activities like virtual field trips and author interviews.  Up to 3 hours a day for about 3 weeks of fun learning for children and teens too!




"A digital repository of multilingual stories for children from Pratham Books."


Toobys Español YouTube channel 


 It has more songs and educational videos than stories, but it is in Spanish and children would be free to browse.


Twelve Fun Science Experiments


Extract DNA from split peas?  Suck an egg into a bottle with fire?  Answer the question about why the sky is blue?  Yes!--These are fun and educational too!


Unite for Literacy


Picture books:  "Our content is intentionally curated to represent all genders, races, national origins, disabilities, and ages, in both text and images."


Video Making Toolkit & Resources


Learn how to create animation, music, sound effects and more in this toolkit set of links.


Walking with Dinosaurs


Learn facts about dinosaurs.




With content from respected sources like Khan Academy, Scholastic, the National Head Start Association, and the American Federation of Teachers (to name just a few), this platform satisfies the needs of families and educators alike.  It is arranged by grade level, with special needs sections, and supplies both online and offline resources in academics, emotional well-being, life skills, physical activity, and more.




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