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Art - Art Ed

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Art Education - Art



All Art Schools


An online guide to art education and careers. It covers the USA and Canada and provides a listing of degrees at various art schools, including online courses.


The Artist's Toolkit


This interactive site, featuring an illustrated encyclopedia of terms from the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Museum of Art, teaches the fundamentals of balance, color, line, movement, rhythm, shape, and space. Notice the videos of artists at work using the elements and principles.


Minneapolis Museum of Art 


The Minneapolis Museum of Art presents a robust virtual collection of art from ancient to modern originating all over the world. 


Arts Connection


Educational materials, project ideas, and an art gallery.


Kennedy Center Digital Resources


From the Kennedy Center, find teaching resources such as lesson plans or curriculum standards for K-12 students.


College Art Association


Information about the College Art Association's activities, publications, and conferences, and links to related resources.


The Getty (Education)


This Getty Education Institute for the Arts site "focuses on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers using the arts in their curriculum, museum educators, and university faculty involved in the arts." Lesson plans available. A pre-eminent website in the field.


MOMA Education


From the Museum of Modern Art, educational resources and online guides are provided. A printable version of the guides can be downloaded in PDF format.


National Art Education Association


Select the "advocacy/research" link for resources (topics include organizations, lesson plans, and educational issues).


NGA Classroom


A resource for teachers from the National Gallery of Art, including lesson plans designated by grade level. 


Philadelphia Museum of Art Lesson Plans


Full lesson plans from the Philadelphia Museum of Art using items from their collection. Lessons are designed for a variety of grade levels and standards and include links to view all artworks needed. 


Writing about Art


A guide to writing compositions, reports, and term papers about art.


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