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Art - Draw and Paint

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How to Draw and Paint - Art


Access Art


The essentials of learning to draw including learning to see space, outlines, relationships, and planes.


ArtGraphica: Free Art Lessons


A collection of tutorials covering various mediums and techniques.


The Artist's Toolkit


Explore the uses of line, color, space, shape, balance, movement and rhythm by playing with this interactive toolkit with its illustrated encyclopedia from Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Museum of Art. Visitors can also create their own artwork.


Art Studio Chalkboard


With illustrations and clear text, focuses on the materials and basic methods of drawing and painting; including discussions of color theory, chiaroscuro, perspective, and composition. Bibliography, viewers' questions and answers, and links to other useful art sites.




A collection of free art lessons covering topics such as perspective drawing, pencil portraits, and drawing animals.




Free online drawing lessons--line drawing, contours, shading, figures, etc.


eHow: Art


Examples of topics include: choosing watercolor paper, creating flowers with acrylic paint, how to draw, using pastels, and creating polymer clay figurines.


The Figure-Drawing Lab


Techniques for drawing the human figure.


How to Draw and Paint


Free online drawing and painting lessons. Includes video tutorials.


Oil Painting Lessons


Step by step information, exercises, and questions and answers.


Portrait Art Tutorials


"This is a portrait art tutorial site, with lessons on sketching and drawing faces, tutorials on digital art, an overview of art and drawing techniques, art supplies, book recommendations, anatomy, and much more."  Beginner friendly.


Watercolor Painting


Watercolor painting reference articles (choosing watercolor materials, matting and framing, stretching paper, and color theory). Tutorials require a paid subscription but a number of text/image resources and some videos are available for free.


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