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This section covers general biographies and subject biographies not found elsewhere in our subject guides. Please see African American Web site listings for biographies of blacks, Art for artists, Literature for author biographies, Science for scientists, Women for women, etc.

For additional online resources that the Library subscribes to, please visit our Electronic Resources for Biography


The American Presidents


Biographies of Presidents and First Ladies. Slideshows are also available.


Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 - Present


Search by name, position or state to find paragraph-length biographies of the approximately 13,000 people who represented states or territories in the US Congress or the Continental Congress.




From the InfoPlease Almanac, a massive directory of notable people, past and present. You can look up particular names or fields of endeavor, such as business, entertainment, presidents, or people who died in recent years. Also includes living people.




Thumbnail sketches of more than 20,000 famous people.


Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography


This site lists famous scientists including prize winners.


Famous New Jerseyites


This site lists many of New Jersey’s famous people, including their place of birth.


Find A Grave


Search this site by name, location (state, country, continent), or claim to fame to learn where famous people are buried. Photographs of some of the gravesites are also included.


The First Ladies


This site provides informative biographies of the first ladies (from the White House home page). 


From Revolution to Reconstruction and what happened afterwards: Biographies


Use this site to access biographical information on the presidents of the United States and other important figures in American history. Texts of their speeches and presidential papers are accessible here as well.




At this multimedia site devoted to the Nobel prize you will find solid biographies of the laureates.




Search obituaries from over 400 U.S., Canadian, and U.K. newspapers, in addition to obituaries in the Social Security Death Index.


Paid Death Notices—The New York Times 


Search here for paid death notices from the last 365 days of the print edition of The New York Times.


Social Security Death Index


Search over 60 million names to find dates of birth and death for less famous citizens--anyone with a Social Security card. 


How To Contact Elected Officials


Links to the official sites of elected and appointed Federal officials in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.


Who's Alive and Who's Dead


Birth and death dates of actors, artists, astronauts, athletes, musicians, politicians, and other famous people.



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