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Genealogy - Cemetery

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Cemetery Records and Obituaries - Genealogy 


Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols


From the creator: "I like genealogy sleuthing, wandering in cemeteries and taking pictures. With this blog I get combine all three. You might also enjoy my Genealogy Roots Blog, which is for finding online genealogy records and resources." Browsable categories include angels, Christian, flowers, Freemasons, Jewish, and military.


Cemetery Junction Directory


Search or browse cemeteries in the United States and other areas. Also offers a link to the Obituary Depot.


Find A Grave


"Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials, add 'virtual flowers' and a note to a loved one's grave, etc."




Search for obituaries, funeral homes, cemeteries, and ancestors.




Thousands of cemetery transcriptions from around the world. Search by surname or browse by location. Also provides information for national cemeteries.


National Obituary Archive


"the world's largest repository of obituaries and death records with more than 55 million individual entries on file. Visitors may search the archive freely to learn about the deaths of friends or family or to explore relationships when building family trees or doing genealogical research."


Obituaries & Death Notices from Legacy.com


Users can search for published obituaries, but only a portion can be viewed for free. Full obituaries are available for a fee of $2.95 to be viewed for one day and may be accompanied with a photo or guestbook if available.


Obituary Daily Times


From RootsWeb, this interactive search lets users search for published obituaries of deceased persons. Records provide the individual's age at the time of their death, date and place of death, and the name of the newspaper which published the obituary. 




A free account lets users create a tribute to a loved one by contributing an obituary, photos, or a memory journal. Other resources are also available.


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