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Law - NJ

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Government Resources 


Codes and Regulations


Building codes, housing codes, related regulations.


Criminal Cases: PROMIS/Gavel Public Access



"The information displayed on this Web Site is generated from computerized records in the custody and control of the New Jersey Judiciary and is intended for informational purposes only."




Municipal codes for many cities in our state.


New Jersey Administrative Code

Provided by Lexis-Nexis, official publisher of the New jersey Administrative code.


New Jersey Legislature


Members, organization, full texts of laws and statutes, New Jersey's constitution, and more.


New Jersey Law Librarians Association (NJLLA)


A Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries


New Jersey Manual on Style for Judicial Opinions


Proper citation format for all New Jersey judicial opinions.


New Jersey Municipal Courts Case Search


"The fast, secure and convenient way to look up Municipal Traffic or Complaint information online."


NJ Public Notices



New Jersey Statutes



Ordinances of the City of Newark, NJ


Full texts of all the ordinances of our city.  If you do not know the precise title or chapter you need, use the simple or advanced search features. 



Non-government Resources 


Legal Services of New Jersey


Electronic version of the Legal Services of New Jersey's You and the Law in New Jersey.  Sections on crime, debt, disability, employment, government aid, housing, and other frequently requested topics.  In English and Spanish.


New Jersey County Bar Associations


Listed are county bar associations and their phone numbers.  These organizations provide lawyer referral information.


Executive Orders by Governor


"Executive orders, which have the force of law, are issued either pursuant to the general executive power bestowed on the Governor by the Constitution or pursuant to statutes which delegate specific powers to the Governor."  This site covers 1962 to current administration.


New Jersey Legislative Histories


This compilation of documents furnishes the purposes of each law passed in New Jersey from 1970 through 2019.


New Jersey State Bar Association


The foremost statewide professional organization for lawyers.  Notice in particular the pro bono opportunities section.



New Jersey Case Law Resources


New Jersey Administrative Law Decisions


Full-text administrative law decisions since October, 1997 cover such subjects as community affairs, the environment, human services, motor vehicles, police training, and transportation.  Note that you can find decisions by entering names of involved people.


Opinions of the New Jersey Courts


Rutgers Law School created this search tool for New Jersey opinions. One can search for cases from as far back as March, 1994.


Supreme and Appellate Court Opinions



Released opinions from the state's Supreme and Appellate courts.



Other New Jersey Resources 


Landlord-Tenant Information
From the Depatment of Community Affairs, forms and publications to help tenants and landlords know their rights.


New Jersey Institute for Social Justice


Committed to "expanding access to economic opportunity for low-income and minority residents of Newark and other urban areas in the state," to "ensuring the civil rights and other basic entitlements," and to effective government and cooperative ventures--NJISJ addresses such problems as driver license restoration, predatory lending, fair housing, collateral consequences of criminal convictions, prisoner re-entry, and legal advocacy. 


New Jersey Taxpayers' Bill of Rights


A brief overview of taxpayers' services and rights.


Starting a Business Checklist


A step-by-step checklist for starting a business in New Jersey.


Tenants' Rights in New Jersey


From New Jersey Legal Services, a brochure for renters on finding a residence (including Section 8 housing), security deposits, leases, rent increases, causes for eviction, rooming and boarding houses, and many other essential topics.


Women's Guide to Rights and Resources in New Jersey


The League of Women Voters of New Jersey offers women helpful resources about basic needs, discrimination, family, health, immigration, and violence.



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