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Music - Instruments

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Instruments and Lessons - Music 




This interactive site guides players through over 1300 chords using a ‘virtual’ guitar. There is also a guitar tuner and a message board for questions. First time visitors might want to start with the “help” area found below the virtual guitar. Requires flash player.




For beginners, free online guitar lessons, with material on chords, scales, theory, improvisation, and more.


Harmonica Lessons


Breathing, articulation, shortcuts, songs, blues improvisation, and step-by-step instruction.


Justin Guitar.com


Offers over 1000 free guitar lessons with video clips.


Piano on the Net


Learn to play in over 30 lessons; music theory also provided.


Piano World


"Piano World is here to help you find the information you want about pianos. There are literally hundreds of pages of facts, figures, fun and reference material on this site," from purchasing information to directories of piano tuners.


Vocal Lessons - Udemy


A selection of free voice classes on Udemy.




Includes a wealth of information for singers including how to keep your voice in good health to how to keep in time with music.


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