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Nonprofits - Donors and Volunteers

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Donors and Volunteers- Nonprofits 


See also our page on Volunteering.


American Institute of Philanthropy


Along with "tips for giving wisely," the Institute rates charities according to the proportion of money spent on direct services compared to administrative costs.  The best-operated organizations serving the most popular causes (animal rights, child welfare, the environment, etc.) are listed here.




Volunteer opportunities and ideas in your community.


BBB Wise Giving Alliance


Evaluations of organizations for their fundraising, management, and public accountability help people decide where they will do their giving.


Cost of Contribution Calculator


Guides to figuring the tax savings donors may realize by contributing to charities. This calculator helps you decide how much to give to maximize impact and tax savings. 


Guidestar Donor's Guide to the Charitable Universe


This database of more than 1.8 million U.S. nonprofit organizations includes advice to donors and IRS 990 reporting form information:  assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenditures.




It is possible to search for nonprofits worldwide with websites, and well as to see their opportunities for volunteering and employment.  With English, Spanish, and Portuguese language options.


Network for Good 


Search for and donate to more than 1 million charities. Offers tax tips, as well as tips on giving wisely and safely. Lists several sites where donors can give non-cash gifts.


Sharing the Wealth:  Charitable Giving in Prosperous Times


With statistics about giving to charities, profiles of donors and how they selected which organizations to support, a personal giving calculator, and additional advice for donors, this site from Minnesota Public Radio promises to help you "find out how you can make a difference." Originally written in 2000. 



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