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Science - Biography

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Biography - Science and Math



Biographies of Women Mathematicians


Illustrating the work of women in mathematics with brief biographical essays, commentary, and some photographs. Especially helpful for biographical information on women mathematicians before 1930.


Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography


This site lists famus scientists including prize winners


The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences


Biographical information for notable African Americans in science and engineering, organized by profession and alphabetically. Also includes profiles of female African American scientists, first science Ph.D.s awarded to African Americans, and statistics.  Site last updated in 2000.


Famous Scientists


Biographies of hundreds of scientists.


Famous Scientists, from Biography Online


Biographies of well-known scientists, from Hippocrates to Hawking.


The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive


Click on the Biographies Index link to find brief biographies of great mathematicians throughout history.


Mathematicians in the African Diaspora


Men and women from Africa and the African Diaspora who have made gains in the knowledge and use of mathematics, science, engineering, and medicine. Includes ancient and modern mathematicians and scientists as well as statistics on the number of blacks earning Ph.D. degrees in mathematics by year. Last updated in 2002.


Nobel Prize Winners


List of all Nobel Laureates with links to pictures and information on laureates’ contributions, and text or video of their Nobel lectures.


People and Discoveries, from PBS


Brief biographies of 20th century scientists.


Profiles in Science


Biographies, digitized articles and documents, and photographs of prominent 20th century scientists in the fields of public health and biomedical research.



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