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Science - Engineering

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Engineering and Inventions - Science


The Blueprints Database 


"The largest free blueprint collection on the Internet, more than 37000 blueprints online."


How Stuff Works


"Can I get struck by lightening when I’m indoors?" "Can water go bad?" Find answers and non-technical explanations to these and other questions in the areas of earth science, engineering, life science, the military, physical science, space, and the supernatural.


The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation


This Smithsonian-related site offers high-quality resources of all types for students, teachers, inventors, and historians. Sections of interest include virtual exhibits (click on Centerpieces); MIND: Modern Inventors Documentation Program, an archive of information related to American inventors; and videos of inventors speaking about their inventions.


Museum of Ancient Inventions


Information about and directions for constructing reproductions of some fifty devices, such as a loom, a decoding device, a compass, and a steam engine.


National Transportation Library Frequently Asked Questions


Find out where to go for information on Air Travel Tips, Moving Company Information, car safety ratings, and all things related to the transport of civilians and goods. 


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