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Trademarks - General

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General - Trademarks 


United States Patent and Trademark Office: Trademark Information 


The USPTO's homepage for federal trademark information. Use the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) to search for existing trademarks, link to legal resources, fees, forms and official notices, and much more.


Basic Facts About Trademarks


The USPTO's overview of trademarks, including whether to get a trademark, how to file, and how to maintain your federal trademark.


University of Central Florida: Trademarks


Trademark searching tutorial and other links from the University of Central Florida.


Trademarks & Business Goodwill


The Franklin Pierce Law Center provides definitions of trademarks, explains how to obtain trademarks, and discusses the registration process and requirements.


State Trademark Information


Links to the government agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia responsible for the adminstration of trademarks. 




"Trademarkia is the largest visual search engine for more than 6 million trademarked logos, names, and slogans on the Internet." Includes a logo design search tool.


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